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How to install FFmpeg on Mac OS X | reneVolution – This post is going to be to show you how to install FFmpeg on Mac OS X as easy as possible. For that, i will use a software called “Homebrew”….

Amazon Elastic MapReduce Ruby Client : Developer Tools … – EMR commands now available in the AWS CLI. EMR has added support for the AWS CLI. Click here for more information. Installation for Ruby CLI. For information on how ……

Great tool for testing QoS implementation | FirstDigest – After my last post, some readers were asking what tool did I used for testing the QoS and how satisfied I’m with it. The name of the tool is Packgen….

Dell U2713H on Mac: forcing RGB mode instead of YCbCr … – *UPDATE*: see here for a universal fix that works for all monitors: Many Dell monitors (e.g., U2713H, …… – Grant’s rants on information security – A blog about information security and the technical wanderings through life of Chris Grant, Seattle, WA….

This article introduces the GOLD Parser, a free, multi-programming language parser….

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