Project Error Prj0002

Creating a C++ Win32 Console Application with Visual C++ 2010 ExpressMy first CUDA program! | /// Parallel Panorama /// – May 21, 2008 · Note: Check out “CUDA Gets Easier” for a simpler way to create CUDA projects in Visual Studio. I got CUDA setup and running with Visual C++ 2005 ……

Project Build Error PRJ0002 – A command, command line, which was formed from user input in the Property Pages dialog box, returned an error code but no information will appear in the Output window….

Project Build Error PRJ0050 – Failed to register output. Please ensure you have the appropriate permissions to modify the registry….

fatal error C1085: Cannot write precompiled header file … – aquila2 I’m getting the same problem!!! I’ve tried both suggestions but none of them helped. It happens to both VC7 and VC8. Any ideas Thanks….

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