Printer Error 49 4c02 Hp 5550n

49.4C02 error codes when you print PDFs to HP 4350 … – Thank you for taking our survey. We value your feedback. If you need help, we want to hear from you. Get answers from experts 24/7….

I recieve error code 49.4C02 from my HP3005N print… – HP … – Some complicated printer errors can be triggered by more than one thing. Printer error code “49.4c02” is one of them. It occurs when there is corrupted data….

49 4C02 errors and HP Laserjet 4250’s – HP Enterprise … – I just updated our computer lab 4250’s firmware to 08.015.0. I now have crashes happening often with 49 4C02 errors and 49 4C06 errors. I looked at several of the ……

error 49.4C02 On HP Printer – – You see the error 49.4C02 On HP Printer, this is normally an error with the printers bios. It may have become corrupt. He is how to resolve the issue….

You can try to narrow the problem down a bit. 1. Remove the Netcard and see if the printer comes ready. If so, it’s a duff Netcard. 2. Swap out the ROM and RAM with ……

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