Print Error 49.4c02

Fixing a 49 Error on HP PrintersPrinter Error 49.4c02 – Printer Support : Repair … – Get information about all printer error 49.4c02, 49 etc and resolve them with the help of iYogi’s printer support services call us @ 1-877-889-6859….

Ran into a strange error code today..It’s on a LJ 4350 and originally occurred after printing a job. The error was 49.4C02. I swapped out the formatter board with the ……

HP LaserJet 49.4c02 printer error – posted in Printers: The 49.4c02 printer error is a problem normally caused by a firmware malfunction on HP Laserjet 5500 series ……

You see the error 49.4C02 On HP Printer, this is normally an error with the printers bios. It may have become corrupt. He is how to resolve the issue….

Sorry, I wasn’t very thorough I guess. I cannot apply the firmware update because I cannot connect to the printer. There is absolutely no connection….

Some complicated printer errors can be triggered by more than one thing. Printer error code “49.4c02” is one of them. It occurs when there is corrupted data….

Your theory is good. I had the same model do this last week. I changed the driver from a pcl 6 to a pcl 5 and the problem was fixed. Give it a try it might work for you….

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