Pi Error In Bible

The Value of PI (π) in the BibleNov 11, 2014 · Quite simply put, this is just false. Bats are not birds, they’re mammals. Some translations of the Bible replace “fowls” or “birds” with “flying animals”….

This article is about the number π. For the Greek letter, see Pi (letter). For other uses of pi, π, and Π, see Pi (disambiguation)….

Chuck Missler takes a second look at 1 Kings 7:23 and considers the precision that God has hidden in His Word, even to the calculation of pi….

To find the “Jewish” or “Bible” value for pi, we need to have the inner radius. Once we have that value, we can plug it ……

Errors in the Bible. Here are a few examples (by no means all, but perhaps most) of what Christian Pharisees demand that we believe as “inerrant” fact:…

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