Php Error Log Format

How To Fix 400 Bad Request Error in Seconds - Chrome FireFox IEPHP: Runtime Configuration – Manual – There is a more simple and more correct solution – to use file .htaccess, where you can simply add the following lines: php_value display_errors 1…

Editing wp-config.php « WordPress Codex – To change the wp-config.php file for your installation, you will need this information: Database Name Database Name used by WordPress Database Username…

In regards to the note about log in base 10 and the round() function. You need to use floor() instead of round() to find out the order of magnitude….

Describes how to log error messages to a text file under PHP server side programming language….

You can include custom information to be stored in the access log record for a request by adding a custom query-string parameter to the URL for the request….

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