Php Curl Error Code 22

XHP  Object Oriented XML in PHP Tech Talk 11 12 2010   FacebookPHP: curl_errno – Manual – PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor – All available curl error constants and values in PHP 5.4.7 on FreeBSD 8.2-RELEASE: CURLE_UNSUPPORTED_PROTOCOL => 1 CURLE_FAILED_INIT => 2 ……

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Using cURL in PHP to access HTTPS (SSL/TLS) protected … – From PHP, you can access the useful cURL Library (libcurl) to make requests to URLs using a variety of protocols such as HTTP, FTP, LDAP and even Gopher….

PHP: curl_getinfo – Manual – PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor – Here you have a function that I use to get the content of a URL using cURL. This uses curl_getinfo to know if it is a regular URL or maybe a redirection….

PHP tip: How to get a web page using CURL | Nadeau … – First, I suggest you browse the beginning of my article on How to extract keywords from a web page. It explains how to get the page, extract its content type, and ……


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