Netbackup Ndmp Error 58

VNX Video: NDMPTech-eye-Tech: Netbackup Important Error Codes – Nov 20, 2012 · These are the error codes seen in the Netbackup and also these can be seen using command bperror -S -r and in Netbackup troubleshooting guide….

How to troubleshoot NDMP Backups failures when status … – Jan 31, 2007 · How to troubleshoot NetBackup for NDMP Backup failures when status code: 99 (NDMP backup failure) is reported. Includes logging instructions….

I am very much interested in Symantec NDMP supporting Dump Level # 10 for NDMP backups. This would allow us to run a monthly Full backup as opposed to a Full ……

Stop Netbackup before restarting the PBX process. Stopping PBX will interrupt communication between Netbackup processes and clients until PBX is restarted….

Symantec has unveiled the NetBackup 5200 appliance series that the company said integrates backup, deduplication and storage capabilities to help customers expand ……

Dear Experts, After upgrading to Netbackup the NDMP backups are failing with error code 24 or 199 intermittantly. Anyone has any experiecen with the same….

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